Knee injuries – do you know how to avoid them?

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Knee injuries are one of the most common and most serious injuries in sports and everyday life. Do you know how to avoid them?

Remember to warm up

Warm-ups are crucial for every sports activity. The body temperature rises and it becomes more flexible. A more flexible body is less likely to get injured!

Use proper form

Proper form is essential to prevent injuries. In case of the knee joint, proper form of any move/technique should focus on avoiding inner rotation of the joint. Causes why it happens are: lack of muscle strength or coordination, or simply lack of knowledge on this issue. 

Avoid pain

Pain is your body`s signal that something is going on. You should eliminate the cause of pain and not deepen it! Obvious, but many people tend to forget about it.

Perform full range squats

Many people think that performing full range squats is harmful for the knees. That`s not true! Of course, proper form of the squats is essential (more on that soon). The biggest load for the knee joint is between the starting position and the 90° angle (between the thigh and calf). When the hips go beneath this angle, the load placed on the knee joint decreases. What is more, the ligaments, which built the joint and are responsible for its functionality, work most effectively when the move in the knee joint is performed in full range. If we get to the 90° angle and stop the move, the ligaments are loose. This is when the whole force is directed onto the joint, which is protected at that time only by muscles. On top of that, performing not full range squats can lead to uneven muscle development. In further perspectives, this can be the cause of injuries.

How are your hip and ankle joints?

Our body constitutes one entity. If one part doesn`t perform well, it affects the whole body. The knee joint is a perfect example of such reliance. Knee problems are often caused by lack of proper mobility within the ankle or hip joint. How do you increase mobility of the ankle and hip joint? I will explain and focus on that next time.


Podobał Ci się artykuł? Udostępnij koniecznie!

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